I'm in love with the moleskine notebooks! It's perfect for lists, drawings or writing tales. Yesterday I stumbled across this little one. Isn't it cute?

Yesterday, my mother and me went to Utrecht by train. It's a really nice student city in the middle of the Netherlands, with any of my favorite brands, like (recently) the Monki, and 'Dille en Kamille' (a very cute Dutch store). We shopped and drank some coffee by starbucks. And also, we went to some friends who live there. It was a lovely day!

The photo's were token in the train. I really like trainjourneys, cause it's funny to listen to -mostly useless-conversations of people I don't know. Also it's so relaxed you could only sit and listen to some music and staring out of the window, enjoying the snowly landscape (yes, this weekend it snowed in The Netherlands!) And sink away in thought's (don't know how you say that in English, maybe I said it too literal)
This traintravel I secretly draw the man towards and showed the illustration to him at the end of the journey. He laughted and said the man on the paper is much handsomer haha!


I will introduce you Fay Oberdorf, she is a wonderfull fashion blogger from the Netherlands. Her style is just perfect and very unique. You could describe it as a vintage, 60'inspired look with a modern take.



I do always adore her posts, because her style is so French, and romantic. And that's what I really love! Also, her photo's are very dreamy and it looks like she is living in a romantic magical world.
 So it's absolutly worthwhile to take a look at her blog!

Those photo's were token this morning, in my living room. Again with my mobile phone, so you can't see my outfit really good. If my camera is repaired, I will make some clarifying photo's of what I wear today. But on the other side I think, the effect is just really interesting...
oh and when I went to school by train this morning, I fainted. No idea why, but it was so wretched... Now I'm back home and I'm feeling nouseous and weak. Hope this feeling gets over soon....


I was very busy with school, and drama last week. So that's the reason why I didn't blog.
These are some pictures of a dress I've made a long time ago. But I've never shown it to you. I'm so happy with the result, cause it really turned out on the way I've expected. And mostly if I make clothes, the result is so completely different, relative to the template!
(Oh but the folds on the dress are a little bit pity, hihi).
On the last photo I was making pirouettes, so therefore the photo is affected.  But isn't it un petit peu artistic? Hihi. I think so.
Hopefully you like it!
Wearing: Dress: made by myself - tights: monki

I'm really happy, cause my testweek goes fantasti so far! Today I wore this white dress (but it was a little bit too cold for autumnal days like these..) with a grey maillot and baret.
Those photo's are token in my garden again, and (on the left you see) our appletree is full of amazing apples. So this sunday I made an really delicous applepie!
On the last photo I was playing some songs of Eric Satie on the grand piano.
- wearing: - beret: h&m - dress: zara - tights: primark -

Next week my testweek starts, so I do not much more than drinking tea and learnig today. Oh and my cat is a little stubborn, cause it constantly sits on my books, hihi. But nonetheless it's a darling!
I wore my lace dress with this white jumper and tights. It's one of my favorite outfits, cause it's comfortable but stylish at the same time, I think.
Well, now I have to turn back to my books again! Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Wearing: Jumper: H&M - Lace dress: Mango - tights: Monki -

- Shirt and skirt: pimpki - yellow panty: primark -

This weekend Femke and me were walking through the forest and through some lovely streets, and took lots of photo's there. But these four photo's were the only which (a little bit) succeed haha!
I think this are typical autumn photo's and outfits. I do really love the autumnseason, because you can wear oversized jumpers, knits and coats, drinking hot chocolate while you hear the rain against your window and it's so beautifull to see the leaves change of color!
Me:-jumper and blouse: H&M - skirt: Mango - tights and back: primark -
Femke:- cardigan: Zara - top: River Island - Skirt: Pimki -


The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

 You see on the first photo a Tumblr illustration, which inspired me a lot. (okay, maybe it's a bit 'hipster' but I don't mind haha!)
I went to school by train this morning and when I stared out of the window, I fantasized about my future and that kind of things. I thought: when I graduate (about three years) I will travel around the world with my best friend and my guitar. (not that I can play guitar, but I will do lessions soon, haha!) And even I came from school this afternoon, I saw this photo on Tumblr, and thought, this is just exactly what I want! I looked in my wardrobe and found this green skirt. 

Surely I don't know if this all is attainable, maybe it's just a naïve teenage image...
But I think having a guitar and a green skirt ,for the 'occasional seaside hotel afternoon dance', is a great beginning of my dream! Hihi.

Oh and finally I've got my first 50 followers,! I'm very happy with that, thank you all so much!

 - wearing: jumper: H&M - skirt: Zara - tights: H&M -

PS: this is my tumblr page : http://damiannetje.tumblr.com/


Some french macarons, I'm so in love with it, they look amazing, and taste amazing too!
 Playing the piano on rainy days in lace dresses

 My diary's and a moleskine notebook

 Making a walk in the forest at the evening

Cardigan: Zara - Pantalon: Maison Scotch - Shoes: Invito


- hat and top: H&M - belt, dress & tights: Zara

- Beret, top, and panty: H&M - Dress: Mango -

- coat: h&m -
I walked through my street with my mother and we went to a music store in the city, I saw the cd of Amelie and bought it, I love that film so much! Everything is just perfect! And the music is so wonderfull, I can also play some songs on the piano! On the last photo you see some other french stuff, a box with pencils, a beret, and a Dutch - French dictionary!
Oh and if you have any questions, or things you want to see on my blog, you can always send a mail to damianne_langedijk@hotmail.com !

Baret: Zara - Jumper: Monki - Skirt: selfmade - tights: Monki
I've bought these lampions (you see them on the left) for in our appletree, the lamps are working on sunenergy and in the evening when it's dark outside, it looks so beautifull and romantic!
Also, I saw this camera by a vintage store, and thought: okay, this is mine now. hihi!  Those photo's are token in the garden again. I wear the dress I made by myself (I know, it looks like a skirt) And my favorite jumper from Monki!

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