The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

 You see on the first photo a Tumblr illustration, which inspired me a lot. (okay, maybe it's a bit 'hipster' but I don't mind haha!)
I went to school by train this morning and when I stared out of the window, I fantasized about my future and that kind of things. I thought: when I graduate (about three years) I will travel around the world with my best friend and my guitar. (not that I can play guitar, but I will do lessions soon, haha!) And even I came from school this afternoon, I saw this photo on Tumblr, and thought, this is just exactly what I want! I looked in my wardrobe and found this green skirt. 

Surely I don't know if this all is attainable, maybe it's just a naïve teenage image...
But I think having a guitar and a green skirt ,for the 'occasional seaside hotel afternoon dance', is a great beginning of my dream! Hihi.

Oh and finally I've got my first 50 followers,! I'm very happy with that, thank you all so much!

 - wearing: jumper: H&M - skirt: Zara - tights: H&M -

PS: this is my tumblr page :


Some french macarons, I'm so in love with it, they look amazing, and taste amazing too!
 Playing the piano on rainy days in lace dresses

 My diary's and a moleskine notebook

 Making a walk in the forest at the evening

Cardigan: Zara - Pantalon: Maison Scotch - Shoes: Invito


- hat and top: H&M - belt, dress & tights: Zara

- Beret, top, and panty: H&M - Dress: Mango -

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