A new blouse I've bought in Amsterdam by New Look, I really love the lace collar !


My friend Anou and me had a free day in the testweek, and went to Amsterdam. We talked with a lot of people we didn't know haha, and went to an artistic candy store, and 'de taart van m'n tante', maybe the Dutch readers know it: it's the café of Abel from 'Taarten Van Abel', a dutch famous piemaker hihi. It was a lovely day!

 Last friday my friend Bente and me were lounching and drinking coffee, and celebreating it's friday by Douwe Egberts (:


 Wow, this is my first post in 2013! Happy new year you all ! (I know it's a little bit late haha)
I've bought this red dress and white cardigan by mango in the sale, and I like it very much. What do you think?

Oh and I promise to blog more from now on hihi!

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