les jours de janvier

 A new blouse I've bought in Amsterdam by New Look, I really love the lace collar !


My friend Anou and me had a free day in the testweek, and went to Amsterdam. We talked with a lot of people we didn't know haha, and went to an artistic candy store, and 'de taart van m'n tante', maybe the Dutch readers know it: it's the café of Abel from 'Taarten Van Abel', a dutch famous piemaker hihi. It was a lovely day!

 Last friday my friend Bente and me were lounching and drinking coffee, and celebreating it's friday by Douwe Egberts (:

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7 opmerkingen:

Simple Sophie zei

that lace collar is so pretty on your new blouse! ox

Marta zei

Nice post !Great blog!


Mikazuki zei

Oh, that looks like so much fun! Tons of envy!

Leanna Kay zei

That looks wonderful. I love fridays :D

Greta zei

Such beautiful photos and that sounds like so much fun!<3

Greta xoxo

Blouse Café zei
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Sophie Jane zei

What a cool adventure

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