I'm in love with the moleskine notebooks! It's perfect for lists, drawings or writing tales. Yesterday I stumbled across this little one. Isn't it cute?

Yesterday, my mother and me went to Utrecht by train. It's a really nice student city in the middle of the Netherlands, with any of my favorite brands, like (recently) the Monki, and 'Dille en Kamille' (a very cute Dutch store). We shopped and drank some coffee by starbucks. And also, we went to some friends who live there. It was a lovely day!

The photo's were token in the train. I really like trainjourneys, cause it's funny to listen to -mostly useless-conversations of people I don't know. Also it's so relaxed you could only sit and listen to some music and staring out of the window, enjoying the snowly landscape (yes, this weekend it snowed in The Netherlands!) And sink away in thought's (don't know how you say that in English, maybe I said it too literal)
This traintravel I secretly draw the man towards and showed the illustration to him at the end of the journey. He laughted and said the man on the paper is much handsomer haha!


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