I will introduce you Fay Oberdorf, she is a wonderfull fashion blogger from the Netherlands. Her style is just perfect and very unique. You could describe it as a vintage, 60'inspired look with a modern take.



I do always adore her posts, because her style is so French, and romantic. And that's what I really love! Also, her photo's are very dreamy and it looks like she is living in a romantic magical world.
 So it's absolutly worthwhile to take a look at her blog!

Those photo's were token this morning, in my living room. Again with my mobile phone, so you can't see my outfit really good. If my camera is repaired, I will make some clarifying photo's of what I wear today. But on the other side I think, the effect is just really interesting...
oh and when I went to school by train this morning, I fainted. No idea why, but it was so wretched... Now I'm back home and I'm feeling nouseous and weak. Hope this feeling gets over soon....


I was very busy with school, and drama last week. So that's the reason why I didn't blog.
These are some pictures of a dress I've made a long time ago. But I've never shown it to you. I'm so happy with the result, cause it really turned out on the way I've expected. And mostly if I make clothes, the result is so completely different, relative to the template!
(Oh but the folds on the dress are a little bit pity, hihi).
On the last photo I was making pirouettes, so therefore the photo is affected.  But isn't it un petit peu artistic? Hihi. I think so.
Hopefully you like it!
Wearing: Dress: made by myself - tights: monki
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