faire les pirouettes



I was very busy with school, and drama last week. So that's the reason why I didn't blog.
These are some pictures of a dress I've made a long time ago. But I've never shown it to you. I'm so happy with the result, cause it really turned out on the way I've expected. And mostly if I make clothes, the result is so completely different, relative to the template!
(Oh but the folds on the dress are a little bit pity, hihi).
On the last photo I was making pirouettes, so therefore the photo is affected.  But isn't it un petit peu artistic? Hihi. I think so.
Hopefully you like it!
Wearing: Dress: made by myself - tights: monki

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10 opmerkingen:

Fashionisam zei

you look cute!
love your dress.


Rachel, Cold Knees zei

this dress is lovely, you're so talented! <3 <3 xx

Marisa Violeta zei

You are really talented, the dress looks just gorgeous :)

Katie Frank zei

this dress is awesome :)!

The Daydreamer zei

beautiful :)

Kat zei

Love the dress, you're so talented! I wish I could make my own clothes :)


Gigi Tokyo zei

Oh, that dress is super cute! Great job :)

Feel free to visit my blog!
http://fantasyfashioned.blogspot.de/ ♥

Molly Mers zei

these are amazing pictures!
so natural and with beautiful idea <3

lovely blog:) maybe check out mine

Lady Moriarty zei

Wow ! I can't believe you made this, I can't do anything myself ha ha ! It's very lovely

See U !

Jan zei

Wow knap dat je dat zelf gemaakt hebt zeg,
en die laatste foto is inderdaad leuk (:

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