Une petite rencontre avec mon blog préféré

I will introduce you Fay Oberdorf, she is a wonderfull fashion blogger from the Netherlands. Her style is just perfect and very unique. You could describe it as a vintage, 60'inspired look with a modern take.



I do always adore her posts, because her style is so French, and romantic. And that's what I really love! Also, her photo's are very dreamy and it looks like she is living in a romantic magical world.
 So it's absolutly worthwhile to take a look at her blog!

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7 opmerkingen:

Fashionisam zei

ik hou van haar blog, ik volg haar ook al!


Angela zei

i love these outfits!

Jenny zei

lovely outfits girl!

X Jenny

mochaccinoland zei

she has charming style. love her 2nd & 3rd outfits <3


Dascha zei

Great post!


Rachel, Cold Knees zei

I love her blog, she has such lovely outfits.. xx

Eline zei

haar blog is inderdaad super!

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