- coat: h&m -
I walked through my street with my mother and we went to a music store in the city, I saw the cd of Amelie and bought it, I love that film so much! Everything is just perfect! And the music is so wonderfull, I can also play some songs on the piano! On the last photo you see some other french stuff, a box with pencils, a beret, and a Dutch - French dictionary!
Oh and if you have any questions, or things you want to see on my blog, you can always send a mail to damianne_langedijk@hotmail.com !

Baret: Zara - Jumper: Monki - Skirt: selfmade - tights: Monki
I've bought these lampions (you see them on the left) for in our appletree, the lamps are working on sunenergy and in the evening when it's dark outside, it looks so beautifull and romantic!
Also, I saw this camera by a vintage store, and thought: okay, this is mine now. hihi!  Those photo's are token in the garden again. I wear the dress I made by myself (I know, it looks like a skirt) And my favorite jumper from Monki!

I made lots of blueberry muffins with bonne maman jam with my friend Lola today, it tastes delicious! When the muffins sat in the oven, she took these photo's from my outfit!  I'm wearing a simple h&m top, shorts and belt from new look, and the tights are from the primark. Oh and the back is vintage, but you can't see it really good on the photo's hihi. Hope you had a lovely day too!


Beret: Bijenkorf - dress: Zara - cardigan: H&M - tights: Monki - shoes: Amigo - back: Zara
I'm wearing the new Zara dress that hang on my wall on a previous post! I fell in love with it, cause I think it's so my style. What do you think of it?
Today I also made a dress by myself, I will soon make a post of the result!

Beret: H&M - Shirt : Pimki - belt and skirt: Mango - cardigan: Zara

Dress : Zara - Both hats: primark - back: Monki - Jumper: monki - Skirt: New look

Yesterday my dear friend Femke and me sat the whole day at the parc, it was such a lovely day!
It's great to enjoy these summery days with sitting in the grass on my strawberryplaid.
The only things I need is a basket with some food, books, my sunglasses and my Moleskine notebook (I take it always with me, I love writing)! 

I will post some outfit photo's soon, bisous!



My trip to Arnhem was so wonderfull! On the first photo you see the castle where we stayed over. That day I wore my new H&M dress (you can't see it really good on the photo, but it's a voilen dress) Around the castle was a really romantic garden with a lot of flowers, a forest, a fountain and lots of sweet lanterns! That's what you see on the second picture.
I made photo four and five during the breakfast, and the sixt and seventh picture was in the center of Arnhem, in a really cute street what reminds me to an artistic french street I've been hihi!
Hope you had a nice weekend too!

Hat: Primark - Blouse: Monki - Belt and Skirt: Zara - Tights: Monki - Shoes: Fred de la Bretoniere - Back: Primark

Yesterday I was in the center of 'Groningen' (a city in the North of The Netherlands) with my friend Roos, we went to a shoeshop and I fell in love with those shoes! They are absolutely my style and I think they are matching with a lot of outfits. We had a great day and the weather was good! We sat at a wonderfull park and had a picknick with some macarons and tea. I also bought a dress in the sale by h&m, I will show you it soon!

Now it's Wednessday and I put my new shoes on (And still everything's right, haha) Hope you like them too! And oh, i've picked those red roses in my own garden and thought, these darlings have to come with me on the photo hihi! On the last picture you see my shoes, my diary, a great Roahld Dahl book, and a letter that I received today from my best friend Wies! (we are writing letters to each other while we are living in the same city haha, we only do it for fun and nostalgia!)

This is my first post ever on this blog! I hope I can share my personal style with other people in the world,

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