Le pique-nique avec mon amie


Yesterday my dear friend Femke and me sat the whole day at the parc, it was such a lovely day!
It's great to enjoy these summery days with sitting in the grass on my strawberryplaid.
The only things I need is a basket with some food, books, my sunglasses and my Moleskine notebook (I take it always with me, I love writing)! 

I will post some outfit photo's soon, bisous!

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5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

haha ja klopt! wat supergrappig,
ik herkende je bijna niet, maar nu je het zegt inderdaad!
leuk zeg!


Margaret zei

lovely pictures<3

Elyse zei

I love these photos! Your blog gets more and more amazing with each post!


mi-lou hendriks zei

Super leuke foto's zeg.x

Cassandra zei

What a beautiful day in photos. I love all your pictures. what do you shoot with?


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