marcher dans mon rue


- coat: h&m -
I walked through my street with my mother and we went to a music store in the city, I saw the cd of Amelie and bought it, I love that film so much! Everything is just perfect! And the music is so wonderfull, I can also play some songs on the piano! On the last photo you see some other french stuff, a box with pencils, a beret, and a Dutch - French dictionary!
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6 opmerkingen:

Olga zei

yaaaay, your blog is so cute and wonderfull! You look like real French girl :) I fell in love!

Justina zei

I love all your photos, and you are gorgeous. How old are you? Lets be friends. You are one of my new favorite bloggers, so I followed :)


mochaccinoland zei

lovely photos :D


Polly Bland zei

All these photos are oh so lovely!

Love, polly

AVY zei

That really is the perfect movie.



I like this look very much! You styled it so well!! And you are so creative!! <3 love it!

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