I'm really happy, cause my testweek goes fantasti so far! Today I wore this white dress (but it was a little bit too cold for autumnal days like these..) with a grey maillot and baret.
Those photo's are token in my garden again, and (on the left you see) our appletree is full of amazing apples. So this sunday I made an really delicous applepie!
On the last photo I was playing some songs of Eric Satie on the grand piano.
- wearing: - beret: h&m - dress: zara - tights: primark -

Next week my testweek starts, so I do not much more than drinking tea and learnig today. Oh and my cat is a little stubborn, cause it constantly sits on my books, hihi. But nonetheless it's a darling!
I wore my lace dress with this white jumper and tights. It's one of my favorite outfits, cause it's comfortable but stylish at the same time, I think.
Well, now I have to turn back to my books again! Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Wearing: Jumper: H&M - Lace dress: Mango - tights: Monki -

- Shirt and skirt: pimpki - yellow panty: primark -

This weekend Femke and me were walking through the forest and through some lovely streets, and took lots of photo's there. But these four photo's were the only which (a little bit) succeed haha!
I think this are typical autumn photo's and outfits. I do really love the autumnseason, because you can wear oversized jumpers, knits and coats, drinking hot chocolate while you hear the rain against your window and it's so beautifull to see the leaves change of color!
Me:-jumper and blouse: H&M - skirt: Mango - tights and back: primark -
Femke:- cardigan: Zara - top: River Island - Skirt: Pimki -

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