Le chat, du thé, et le baret


Next week my testweek starts, so I do not much more than drinking tea and learnig today. Oh and my cat is a little stubborn, cause it constantly sits on my books, hihi. But nonetheless it's a darling!
I wore my lace dress with this white jumper and tights. It's one of my favorite outfits, cause it's comfortable but stylish at the same time, I think.
Well, now I have to turn back to my books again! Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Wearing: Jumper: H&M - Lace dress: Mango - tights: Monki -

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15 opmerkingen:

RetroStreetStation zei

wow lovely picture, so cute :) this jumper look very comfy!

Rose-et-Violet zei

Ahh this is such a pretty look! Love the beret :)


Juliette zei

your skirt is so cute! Would you like to follow each other?x

Jules Yellow zei

xoxo Jules

The Daydreamer zei

you and your cat are so cute! love that lace skirt :) and thanks so much for following,that means a lot really! <3 great blog you have!

Milex zei

You are incredibly gorgeous and your style is so interestin, big fan!

Anoniem zei

so cute!

nice blog <3 love it!

Mallory zei

your skirt is so sweet and feminine :)


Katie Frank zei

what a beautiful french look <3 totally loving this!

Levande zei

Wat een gave outfit en je kitten is super schatig. <3

Selina zei

I love these pictures, and your cat is so lovely! you are pretty too ;)


Harlow Darling zei

SO gorgeous!!! Your cat is adorable, it looks like the kitty from Breakfast at Tiffany's :)

misslikey zei

such a loveliness. You have pretty style.

indie by heart zei

Really lovely photos. Very parisienne, also your whole blog. Love the french style you have embraced! :)

Indie by heart

Sanne zei

Aaahh poeees, lief!
Dankjewel voor je lieve complimentje op mijn blog, erg leuk om te horen!

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