Les lampions dans l'arbre


Baret: Zara - Jumper: Monki - Skirt: selfmade - tights: Monki
I've bought these lampions (you see them on the left) for in our appletree, the lamps are working on sunenergy and in the evening when it's dark outside, it looks so beautifull and romantic!
Also, I saw this camera by a vintage store, and thought: okay, this is mine now. hihi!  Those photo's are token in the garden again. I wear the dress I made by myself (I know, it looks like a skirt) And my favorite jumper from Monki!

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19 opmerkingen:

Marlen zei

Those lanterns are so pretty- I love when lights are strung in trees. And I can't believe you made your own dress- you have skills :)

Simple Sophie zei

Looking gorgeous here and that camera is so cute! ox

Rachel, Cold Knees zei

The lights look so pretty <3 and you look great too, love the jumper! xx

NicoleAnnette zei

I love your outfits so much! They are always so cute! : )

Amanda zei

Graet Style. I follow your Blog now.
Please follow me.


- Evamaria zei

Thank you so much for commenting! I'm glad I found your blog. I really love it. I think your style is amazing and I like those Parisienne looks.
Keep up that good work. I followed you. :)
You should do a Bloglovin for your blog. It would be way more easier to stay tuned for the next posts.


- http://despite-the-style.blogspot.com/

XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX zei

love the jumper! followed you, hope you can follow back! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

renkko zei

I really love this look! Reminds me of retro and I freakin' love "old" style of women in 40's and 50's. :D

p.s. maybe you would like to follow each other?

lipsy zei

You look gorgeous in this pictures and I love the complete ensemble ..So chic and stylish!!
Following you,please follow back to keep in touch through comments!

Anoniem zei

cute cute cute!!

RetroStreetStation zei

thank you for your lovely comment!

wow i am so in love with your outfits, this is absolutely my style. I follow you now

Carol zei

such an adorable outfit! love your skirt :)


Katie Frank zei

your blog is amazing and you have very good style:) ! i just followed you :)

Rebekka Seale zei

I would give anything for hair like yours!

Jess and Paloma zei

Love the outfit! And the camera is amazing! Would you like to follow eachother? :) xx


Ally zei

LOVE this outfit and the pictures are soo pretty with a lovely garden in the background.. Love the muted palette, grey skirt and hat -- you look gorgeous!

xoxo Ally

Fay Oberdorf zei

Deze is echt heel, heel, heel, heeel erg leuk!
Eens even kijken of ik nog zoiets kan met de kleding in mijn kast :)!


Wonderful look! I like the skirt a lot! <3 You have a great style, girl! <3 Keep on posting your pretty looks!

Blue Eyed Night Owl zei

Beautiful! So nice and flowy:D


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