voyage dans le monde avec un jupe vert


The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

 You see on the first photo a Tumblr illustration, which inspired me a lot. (okay, maybe it's a bit 'hipster' but I don't mind haha!)
I went to school by train this morning and when I stared out of the window, I fantasized about my future and that kind of things. I thought: when I graduate (about three years) I will travel around the world with my best friend and my guitar. (not that I can play guitar, but I will do lessions soon, haha!) And even I came from school this afternoon, I saw this photo on Tumblr, and thought, this is just exactly what I want! I looked in my wardrobe and found this green skirt. 

Surely I don't know if this all is attainable, maybe it's just a naïve teenage image...
But I think having a guitar and a green skirt ,for the 'occasional seaside hotel afternoon dance', is a great beginning of my dream! Hihi.

Oh and finally I've got my first 50 followers,! I'm very happy with that, thank you all so much!

 - wearing: jumper: H&M - skirt: Zara - tights: H&M -

PS: this is my tumblr page :

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14 opmerkingen:

Justina zei

I love this outfit!! and your room is gorgeous!


Karolina Tworkowska zei

Lovely and really inspiring!

Allison zei

Sounds like a great dream! Awesome skirt!


Nat Wears Clothes zei

that skirt is awesome!!

Annemarie Seunnenga zei

Heeheee! Mooi plaatje hoor :) Leuk dat 't zo goed gaat met je blog! X Annemarie, van

Rachel, Cold Knees zei

love the tumblr idea, I'd quite like to escape from everything like that too.. love the look of your room! xx

Katie Frank zei

wow this skirt is so awesome <3


Nice outfit!

kaila mo zei

aw cute! i love the illustration, and the outfit is awesome, i reallyreally like it!!

fran zei

hi! im a spanish male blogger. Maybe you like my style and want to follow me. Kisses

Harlow Darling zei

Oh my goodness your blog is so lovely, you take such beautiful whimsical photos!!! What is your Tumblr? I'd love to follow you on Tumblr and blogger :)

left on cardspond zei

great quote! cute outfit, too.

Fay Oberdorf zei

Super leuk! Dat tekeningetje en dan een groen rokje! Mooie outfit ook!

Rachel Sullivan zei

What a sweet dream to have!
I love your outfits, I'm following you now.


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